My beautiful friend Vanessa has a story to tell us.
Its about a woman, a very brave and caring person.

My Darling Breast

This morning I got up with the full intention of getting the blog live before tomorrow’s op. But the list of things to do for work was a bit tedious to say the least. Why is it every time you’re “off” from work – whether a holiday or an op, you need to do the same amount of work for the time off in the one day before you head and probably the same again when you get back? Best make the most of the time off then!

But we did manage to go live (as many of you know already). The response has been quite overwhelming to be honest. Gotta say, I love you all – you’re all mad, but love you all the same!

This last week I asked myself quite often whether the blog was a good idea or not as some people might not get my…

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