INSANELY GIFTED Workshop Sept. 2014

INSANELY GIFTED with Jamie Catto

The second workshop here in Dublin with Jamie was a really amazing event. Tender and soft with a beautiful commitment from everybody.
Thank you all so much and we hope to see you again very soon.

Here are just some of the comments;

The speaker; Jamie Catto. Oxford, England. 

Great workshop, I loved how embodied it was. How it connected energy and emotion. A true opening in safety and with fun.
Jamie is kinda alright I guess….. Bitch!
But to be serious, he is a great facilitator, space holder, energy sensor and shifter.

Intense work, but good work. Intriguing and inspiring. Definitely forced or “nudged” a shift in how I think and interact with myself and others. This is probably one of the most important topics / subjects a person might teach. Fair play to Jamie Catto for being that person.

INSANELY GIFTED was great. It really opened me up and energized me, which was just what I needed. It also gave me the confidence I was missing. I’m super grateful for the experience. It is great to tap into the source and tackle some of the blockages. Jamie was lovely, very patient and generous.

This is an extremely important event. Very relevant, very necessary, FUN, informative, helpful and real. Brave & beautiful. For me it was a release and a boost of encouragement.

A beautiful voyage of discovery & connecting with wonderful people all sharing in the collective experience. I feel confident and open, going out into the world to just enjoy the whacky nonsense we call life. Thank you Jamie Catto.


The host; Seventh Lotus.

Seventh Lotus was a brilliant host, very engaging, friendly, open, considerate and hilarious.

Thank you Seventh Lotus, you’re a fantastic host. Giving attention and a smile to everyone.

Seventh Lotus yet again held a safe comforting and welcoming space.

Seventh Lotus is a great buzz, helpful and very approachable.

Seventh Lotus felt like a reliable big brother that will pick you up if you are feeling down. Thank you.




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