Ayurverdic Yoga Massage Intensive Training July 2013

Ayurverdic Yoga Massage Intensive Training July 2013

The teacher; Sidhamo Anand from Vibrantly Alive Yoga. Copenhagen, Denmark.

A genuine and beautiful heart, Sidhamo brought a refreshing type of understanding and compassion to working with the process of his students. ~ Erica G

Throughout his teaching, Sidhamo is warm, welcoming and friendly. He is reassuring and inspires confidence. I really enjoyed learning under his guidance and would definitely like to work with him again in the future. ~ Naomi S 

Sidhamo is an energetic teacher with an open mind & open heart. With a great knowledge of massage bodywork and human nature. ~ Agnieszka B


The host; Seventh Lotus.

Seventh Lotus has been absolutely dedicated in his care and attention to the detail in making this event a resounding success for all involved. Thank you & well done.  ~ Hilda E

Seventh Lotus provided the opportunity and the space for the AYM Training this year. He allowed all of us to have such a great experience, offering his time, advice and complete professionalism throughout the week. I for one am glad he had the vision to create this magical experience. ~ Naomi S

An amazing host, he seems to have an innate spontaneous impulse to spread joy. He was dedicated to providing the best service possible. It was very much appreciated. ~ Tanya R

Through my observations the whole organisation and evolvement of Seventh Lotus made the course enjoyable and smoothly run. He put a lot of love & energy into the week and it showed. ~ Simon S 

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