Yoga for Men



“Connect & Flow” what does that really mean? 
During the course we will move and flow through a series of Yoga postures while staying connected to our breathing. Opening the Yang (masculine) aspect allows energy to move more easily and creates space in the mind and body. This can leave us with a feeling of calm and clarity, giving a sense of ease and readiness.

This class is an open level practice, SUITABLE FOR ALL. You don’t have to be able to cross your legs like an Indian Yogi Swami or even be able to touch your toes. No Yoga experience is necessary at all. All that is required is an open mind, a willingness to discover something new and a commitment toward you and your own well-being.

Are you interested in exploring Yoga in an encouraging and supportive environment?
Would you like discovery how a Yoga practice can strengthen and softly open the body at the same time?

Do you enjoy sports and want to learn that Yoga will complement your regular exercise, prevent injuries by moving mindfully and help you take better care of your body & mind?

NO intricate twists, NO elaborate hand stands.

Details of 2021 class and course schedule coming soon.

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