Transform your shadows to unleash your creative genius.

April 5th & 6th 2014

So much raw creative and inspired treasure is released when we play with and observe our shadows and ‘so-called’ demons – and when related to differently these same challenging characters become allies and even employees.
Reclaim wasted energy to harvest your dormant or limited gifts and transform your destructive habits and beliefs into well-harnessed and re-directed action.

Lightness, humour and presence.

Join us to experience two days of techniques, processes and discussions gathered from Jamie Catto’s 20 years of making films and albums around the world to awaken your full personal and professional potential. Playfully unlock your creative potential and get what’s inside you OUT. Connect yourself fully to your wholeness and re-awaken your playful and inspired genius.

Jamie Catto is the creator and producer/director of the multi-award winning global One Giant Leap films and albums and is a founder member of the band Faithless.

***** PLEASE NOTE *****
If you wish to participate in this two day workshop, you should email us for details on the financial investment and also how to secure a place.
As this is Jamie’s first workshop here in Dublin with Seventh Lotus we are delighted to have arranged a special price.

Registration must be completed before the starting day of the workshop.
This gives us all time to be as organised as possible.

Responding to the Facebook event page invitation is NOT SUFFICIENT.

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